Say hello to better WiFi coverage

Get stronger WiFi signals in every room when you pair your Maxis Fibre with mesh WiFi.

Get a stronger, faster WiFi  connection all over your home or office

  • Eliminate dead spots everywhere in your house.
  • Easy plug and play set up through an app.
  • Stronger and faster signals than a traditional WiFi extender.
  • Affordable for any home size (From RM25/mth a pair with Zerolution)


Differences between mesh WiFi and traditional WiFi extenders

Mesh WiFi Traditional WiFi Extenders
Connection speed icon-check.png
Faster and stronger

Enjoy a dedicated connection for a fast, strong WiFi signal similar to a router signal.
WiFi speed is reduced by half when the signal is rebroadcasted from the router through the extender.
Coverage icon-check.png
Maximum coverage
Maximises coverage in all areas by using multiple WiFi points to form a larger, unified WiFi network.
Single coverage
Focuses on problem spots in certain areas, for example dead spots in one room.
Seamless, stable connection icon-check.png
Automatically connected
Automatically and seamlessly connects you to the strongest WiFi signal as you roam around your house.
Manual switch
Need to manually connect to the strongest WiFi signal to avoid being disconnected.

Pair your Maxis Fibre with mesh WiFi

A minimum of 2 mesh WiFi units are required. For larger spaces, just add more units.

2 mesh WiFi units

Single storey house, 
condominium or office
(>1500 sq ft)

4 mesh WiFi units

Double storey house,
Semi-D, bungalow or factory
(>2000 sq ft)

Here’s how to get your mesh WiFi

Find Maxis Stores with the mesh WiFi in stock.

AIRTIES Air4830 Mesh WiFi

  • 24 months warranty
  • AC dualband 4×4 MU-MIMO
  • Automatically switches to the strongest signal for your devices
RRP: RM25/mth per pair with Zerolution
(Outright purchase at RM300/unit)


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