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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Maxis Contracts and Deals

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Sign up with maxis to get your brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra at the lowest price !!! Currently, the market price for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is RM5299. Its main target segment are business owners who require a high management level phone. Moreover, this phone has early adopters of the

Samsung Galaxy S21: Maxis Contracts and Deals

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Sign up with maxis to get your brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 at the lowest price !!! Currently, the market price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is RM3699. It mainly targets users who are Business Owners or users that require higher management or executive level phone. In addition, the phone

ONEBusiness Fibre | Keep Your Business Running Non-Stop

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Your business should never go down with your internet connection right? Introducing ONEBusiness Fibre – the most reliable business fibre in town. Enjoy a wireless backup connection with maximum download speed of 100Mbps, covering your business internet needs from moderate web hosting to server hosting. Already have a fibre connection elsewhere? Enjoy an easy, hassle-free

No Fibre Coverage? Don’t worry! TRY MaxisOne Go Wifi

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Oh no! want apply internet for your home? But how the internet services no coverage for your home? For example, want apply TIME Home Internet for your home but no coverage 🙁 Want apply Maxis Home Fibre for your home but also not coverage 🙁 What we need to do? Stop worrying guys, Maxis have launched a

How do I stop spam text messages | Maxis Bill Very Expensive

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MAXIS bill with an item called EXTERNAL CONTENT, make your bill Shocks! https://youtu.be/09YA5dZUBk8   What is Mobile Content Services? Any messaging service which provides content and is accessible on a mobile access device or fixed access device, for which charges may be imposed over and above the standard network charges of the relevant service provider

The Best Fibre Broadband Deals In Malaysia 2018

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Fibre Broadband service providers in Malaysia clash. Here are the Fibre Broadband Breakdown of Maxis, UniFi and TIME Internet Packages for Home & Business HOME Fibre Broadband by Key Player BUSINESS Fibre Broadband by Key Player We’ve broken down the rate plans of each internet packages in Malaysia as of 2018. Comparisons are of *old