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Promoting our products and services to existing and potential customers through direct phone calls. We understand our customers’ needs as they evolve to help us promote the appropriate solutions to them. We work under sales targets and goals, and reach our prospects through the phone. We continuously research and maintain a strong database of potential customers.

We interact with our consumers through the phone, live chats and social media platforms. We strive to create a meaningful rapport with our existing consumers. We also proactively approach our existing or potential consumers to offer them new and better products.

Corporate Sales

Selling Maxis products and services to corporate clients. We develop effective sales strategies to increase market share and profitability. We understand complex solution needs and devise products and services that will help dignify our customer’s business operations to create “New Ways of Working”.

Admin Support

Help make great things happen. We handle business and operational processes to support the business teams delivering Maxis’ products and services to the customers. We support employees’ needs, manage documents, and organise various office and equipment requirements.

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