Maxis built its reputation in Malaysia from the mobile telecommunications industry and today has grown to almost ten million subscribers. It is relatively new to the broadband scene, only offering their Fibre Broadband since 2011.

Today we will see why we choose Maxis Fibre Broadband? The Things We Like About Maxis Broadband.


  • Get Free Mesh WiFi Equipment

If you get on the Maxis 500Mbps and above plans you get two free units of Mesh WiFi devices. Most broadband carriers will usually give away a free wireless router which is standard. Mesh WiFI devices on the other hand are usually more expensive as they are designed to work with multiple units. The theory is that they join wireless signals to cover the home in a ‘Mesh’ giving proper coverage at all areas.


  • Competitively Price

In the pricing, Maxis has managed to maintain prices steadily below TM despite it paying for the use of TM’s high-speed broadband (HSBB) infrastructure. This is even more clear as we go up towards the higher speed plans ranging from 300Mbps to 800Mbps. Since TM doesn’t have anything above 300Mbps for the time being (for new sign ups), comparing Maxis 300Mbps at RM149 versus TM 300Mbps at RM199 is around a 25% difference in pricing!


  • Up To 800Mbps Speed

Maxis Fibre Broadband now speed up to 800Mbps, let you enjoy the more high-speed internet at your comfortable home. Maxis on the other hand is offering speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 800Mbps for all customers.




  • Available Mobile And Broadband Combined Plans

That is one powerful combination and most interesting facet of considering a plan from Maxis. Again, going back to their history as a mobile telecommunications company, it doesn’t come as surprising that Maxis is offering a combined all-in-one plan that spans home and mobile. Dubbed Maxis One PRIME, it allows for unlimited data, calls and SMS along with new mobile devices based on their Zerolution concept and home internet as well as roaming!


  • Free Voice Line & Calls

For those who are finding it difficult to wean themselves off TM because they are a traditional residential phone provider, Maxis has you covered. All Maxis broadband plans come with a free voice line included. However, calls made on those lines are not free for their 30Mbps plans – they cost 9 cent a minute (to landline or mobiles locally). For those who subscribe to plans of 100Mbps and above you can get unlimited local calling credits.


  • No IPTV Fees

Maxis Fibre broadband is just broadband. You aren’t forced to pay more for frills that likely will not be used such as IPTV or the like. To me this is great since we get to choose what we really need and not pay for incidentals which we have no choice over.




So, are you interested to apply Maxis Home Fibre Broadband for your home?

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