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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Maxis Contracts and Deals

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Sign up with maxis to get your brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra at the lowest price !!! Currently, the market price for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is RM5299. Its main target segment are business owners who require a high management level phone. Moreover, this phone has early adopters of the

The Reasons Of Why Maxis Fibre Broadband Is Good

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The Price MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps is available with unlimited quota and unlimited usage. Maxis Home Fibre Plan: Speeds MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps RM89/month (Unlimited) 100Mbps RM129/month (Unlimited) 300Mbps RM149/month (Unlimited) 500Mbps RM219/month (Unlimited) 800Mbps RM299/month (Unlimited)   Faster Speeds The Maxis Home Fibre Broadband are offering speeds up to 800Mbps to the customers. Let

Maxis Business Fibre & TIME Business Fibre

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Your business should never go down with your internet connection and must have a high-speed internet to help you grow up your business right? Not only for your business use, you staff also must need to use the internet to communicate with the customers. But no have any point what internet is good for your


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Got Maxis Home Fibre coverage for your home? Let see one by one what plan you can choose and suitable for your home. Maxis Home Fibre Internet have five plan of package:   Home Fibre 30Mbps (Casual Browsing) Recommended for Light browsing & streaming video Single user on up to 2 devices Single storey or condominimum

How do I stop spam text messages | Maxis Bill Very Expensive

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MAXIS bill with an item called EXTERNAL CONTENT, make your bill Shocks! https://youtu.be/09YA5dZUBk8   What is Mobile Content Services? Any messaging service which provides content and is accessible on a mobile access device or fixed access device, for which charges may be imposed over and above the standard network charges of the relevant service provider