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The Price

MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps is available with unlimited quota and unlimited usage.

Maxis Home Fibre Plan:

Speeds MaxisONE Home Fibre
30Mbps RM89/month (Unlimited)
100Mbps RM129/month (Unlimited)
300Mbps RM149/month (Unlimited)
500Mbps RM219/month (Unlimited)
800Mbps RM299/month (Unlimited)


Faster Speeds

The Maxis Home Fibre Broadband are offering speeds up to 800Mbps to the customers. Let customers to  enjoy the more speed internet at their home!

MaxisONE Home Fibre 30Mbps: Download (30Mbps), Upload (30Mbps)


“Maxperts” Fibre Broadband Installation

Maxis is calling their broadband installers “Maxperts”. These installers will not just install the fibre broadband service at customer’s home but goes further to optimise their WiFi setup to ensure customers get the best WiFi coverage. To provide a better Internet experience, especially in a big home, these Maxperts are offering Wifi Extenders called Mesh Wifi, available at RM300 unit or free (2 units) with the 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans.

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Penalty Fee & Termination Procedures

Both Maxis and Telekom Malaysia (Unifi) have different penalty fee and termination procedures.

To terminate a MaxisONE Home Fibre plan (within contract), no notice is required. A customer will need to walk in to a Maxis Centre with their modem/router and settle a penalty fee of RM500 regardless of the remaining month in their contract month period.


Backup 4G LTE Internet Connection

As the HSBB network (operated by Telekom Malaysia) is not exactly available 365 days a year for all customers, Maxis is offering its 4G LTE mobile network as a backup Internet for its Prime customers.

Available at a minimum RM187/month excluding service tax, MaxisONE Prime is a combination of Maxis Postpaid plan and a Maxis Fibre broadband service in a single plan. These customers will be given a 4G LTE dongle used with their fibre modem at home, allowing them to stay connected to the Internet even when their Home Fibre service is down/offline.

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