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What is the cost of the installation?

No need to pay the installation fee, it is free! Extra costs may incurred based on installation complexity or by customer’s request.


What does the standard installation cover?

The standard installation covers the connection (outside your home) from the nearest Fibre Distribution Panel to the Termination Box and the connection (inside your home) from the Termination Box to the Access Termination box. The installation provided is of standard specifications (over wall with clip or cable casing only). Should you require non-standard installation such as over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring and so on, the additional charges shall be borne by you (the customer).

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Should I need to reschedule my installation appointment, will there be any penalty imposed?

There will be a penalty of RM200 if you notify to reschedule the installation appointment within 3 days from the installation date.


How long is the installation process?
The installation process will take approximately 6 – 7 hours. You will receive a call from us within 7 days after registration to confirm the installation date & time.




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