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How can I keep my business always on?

Get up to 800Mbps superfast speeds and keep your business constantly connected with automatic wireless internet and voice backup.


Let see the what benefits if you use Maxis Business Fibre on your business.

Benefits of Maxis Business Fibre

Reliable and scalable: Stay confidently connected with the only business fibre that comes with automatic wireless internet and voice backup, plus grows according to your needs.


Secure: Protect your customers and employees from malware and stay protected with automatic software upgrades by CISCO


Up to 40% savings: Free Maxis to Maxis calls (fixed/mobile), shareable minutes to other networks and savings on equipment costs with a voice and data solution using internet-based calls.


Maxis Business Fibre plan for your business

Fibre 800Mbps (Recommended for offices with 80 employees)
From RM349/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line
Fibre 500Mbps (Recommended for offices with 60 employees)
From RM269/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line
Fibre 300Mbps (Recommended for offices with 40 employees)
From RM199/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line
Fibre 100Mbps (Recommended for offices with 20 employees)
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line
Fibre 30Mbps (Recommended for offices with 10 employees)
Add 1 Unlimited IP voice line for RM10/mth

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New or existing Fibre subscribers, contact us for more details and we will assist you.

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