MAXIS bill with an item called EXTERNAL CONTENT, make your bill Shocks!


What is Mobile Content Services?

Any messaging service which provides content and is accessible on a mobile access device or fixed access device, for which charges may be imposed over and above the standard network charges of the relevant service provider and consist of the provision of content or service to any person and SMS Broadcast.

Normally we received a message from Maxis that showed RM 2 and above than which makes pay extra charge even the user using postpaid or prepaid. This may cause our phone bill to be more expensive and for the prepaid user will cut down when they renew the next payment.

Receiving this kind of message must be aware by checking the bill before paying and the total amount for the previous bill for every month need to compare because in the case had might be any extra charges must be pay.

All charges can make refund back, you have to prove that you did not subscribe to the service or content.
Each month receive the bill hurry send to or for appeal.

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